Hey there! I'm Julia.

Welcome to Pelvic Health Kickstarters! 

If we haven't yet had the opportunity to get acquainted, please feel free to slide into my DMs and introduce yourself!

I would love to meet you and hear about your big dreams, goals, and aspirations in the fields of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Health PT, or Yoga! 

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A Little About Me...

I am a Women's Sports Med PT based in Bethlehem, PA! I have a HUGE passion for spreading a message of hope and healing to active postpartum women around the globe! 

For the past 3 years, I owned my own Concierge Pelvic Health PT Practice in Chattanooga, TN. Traveling to new momma's homes and providing care in the the comfort of their own space was pure magic!

At the end of 2019, I experienced intense burnout. So I decided to take a sabbatical on the other side of the world to answer the deep questions of life revolving around purpose, values, priorities, and the life I wanted to create. 

While in a tent in New Zealand, the idea for Pelvic Health Kickstarters was born! Pelvic Health Kickstarters is the world I have created to increase access to Pelvic Health Education and Mentorship for students and New Grads nation-wide!  When was a new therapist trying to explore the world of Pelvic Health, I ran into a lot of obstacles such as decreased access to education, resources, and mentorship. When I couldn't find a clear path to reach my goals, I decided to create one so that no one would have the same rocky experience I did. 

Pelvic Health Kickstarters now hosts a variety of Free Master Classes, Courses, Mentorship Programs, and Networking Opportunities to pour into the next generation of Pelvic Health Educators, Advocates, and Clinicians! If you have a passion for Pelvic Health, I am already in your corner cheering you on! 

Oh and on the clinical side of things, I just bought a house and am remodeling the first floor into a clinic space that will be a one-stop home for postpartum women looking for care and support on their journeys! Stay Tuned! 

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