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To increase access to pelvic health care and education in our local and global communities by guiding and empowering the next generation of pelvic health clinicians, educators, and advocates. We want to spread a message of hope and healing to every corner of our world - And we need YOUR help!

Our Vision

We envision a world where EVERYONE in our global community has access to pelvic health care and education! We know that investing in the next generation of pelvic health clinicians, educators, and advocates is key to making this vision possible. Therefore, Pelvic Health Kickstarters has a clear intention to be the online leader in offering a true path for mastery and development in the field of pelvic health care for those eager to provide hope and healing to our world!

Welcome To The Journey! You Are Right Where You Need To Be!

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No Matter Where You Are In Your Pelvic Health Journey, We Have You Covered!

Whether you are a student looking to explore the world of Pelvic Health or a seasoned clinician ready to start your own Pelvic Health Practice, we're excited about your journey and ready to walk it with you! Choose Your Adventure Below!

Pelvic Health Kickstarter Academy!

Many of us are aware of the lack of Pelvic Health Access in our global community. Millions of individuals around the globe are suffering in silence with no one to turn to. We NEED more Pelvic Health Educators, Advocates, and Clinicians to help spread a message of hope and healing to a hurting and broken world. We need YOU! 

However, chances are your PT/OT Program did not equip you with Pelvic Health knowledge and skills. Perhaps you attended a Pelvic Health Foundations weekend course and feel like you got a lot of information, but have no idea how to apply it to start treating clients. Maybe you've been looking for mentorship and guidance for a while and are feeling a little lost on your path.

If this is you, we have your back! The Academy is the Pelvic Health Education + Mentorship + Networking Experience you've been searching for to start your Pelvic Health journey!

Kickstart Your Future with the Pelvic Health Kickstarter Academy!

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Practice Igniter! 

You can be the BEST Pelvic Health PT in the world, but if the people you love to serve don't know you exist....well, then how are you supposed to fulfill your mission?

Marketing and branding are vital skills that you will need to start your own Cash-PT/Insurance-Based Practice, start a Pelvic Health Program in an existing clinic or hospital system, or reach audiences online with your message of hope and healing. However, we do not learn ANY of these skills in PT/OT School! 

Ignite your message, generate leads, convert clientele, and change our world with the Practice Igniter! Your one-stop to not only learn the ins and outs of the best marketing platforms available today, BUT also how to leverage these apps so that they work for YOU! 

Ignite your message with the Practice Igniter! 


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From Zero To Concierge Pelvic Health Practice

The ultimate guide to starting your own Concierge Pelvic Health Practice from a clinician who has done it and has led numerous Pelvic Health PTs in doing the same! 

This course will guide you through the steps of conceptualizing, creating, and launching your own Concierge Mobile Pelvic Health Practice. Along the way, you will undoubtedly learn more about yourself as you grow into the practice owner you have always been capable of becoming!

This course will take you through the foundational steps that I have used to build my own successful Pelvic Health Practice, as well as the steps I have led countless clinicians through so they can start their own practices! 

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Pelvic Health Master Class Bundles

An introductory Pelvic Health course with Herman & Wallace or the APTA costs $695+. Start learning about key topics in Pelvic Health PT for a fraction of the cost by snagging a master Class Bundle!


Topics included in the bundles: 
- An Introduction to the Amazing World of Pelvic Health: The Anatomy and Physiology of the Pelvic Floor and Deep Core System

- Cracking the Secrets of the Core System: An Interactive Exploration of How Your Core System Works

- The Beginner’s Guide to the Pelvic Health Internal Exam: Why and How To Perform an Internal Exam

- Prescribing Exercise like a Pelvic Health PT: How Pelvic Health and Ortho PT Go Hand-In-Hand
- LGBTQ+ Inclusivity in Pelvic Health with Special Guest Dr. Emma Kaeser


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Pelvic Health Kickstarter Mastermind! 

What if you could spend an entire 2 months learning from the some of the most talented and successful Pelvic Health PTs, Marketing Experts, Business Leaders, and Mindset Coaches in the nation?

And what if they were there to not only teach you their wisdom, but offer you coaching SPECIFICALLY for your business and mission? Sound too good to be true? Not if I have anything to say about it! 

Stay tuned, my friends! :)

Let Me Know When It Launches!

Additional Services

Looking to Work 1:1 with me? If you want to change our world for the better and further the Pelvic Health Movement, I'd like to help! Below are services that I am currently offering in partnership with 1:1 coaching clients and students. If you are interested in learning more and discovering if we could be a great fit to help your dreams come true, let's chat!

1:1 Coaching: From Zero to Pelvic Health Concierge Practice

Interested in starting your own Concierge or Cash-PT Pelvic Health Practice but not sure where to start? I can help! As Pelvic Health PT operating a mobile, cash-based practice for 3 years, I'm ready to show you the ropes! You'll be surprised how easy it is!

***Due to the time commitment, I am only able to take on 4 coaching clients at a time. Get your name on the waitlist now! 

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1:1 Clinical Pelvic Health Mentorship

Looking for clinical mentorship while you see your very first pelvic health clients?

Get 1:1 mentorship and 24/7 access to me to discuss patient cases, POC, and interventions. Feel confident seeing your very first Pelvic Health Clients! 

*Spaces Limited. 

Contact Dr.Julia To Learn More

Virtual and In-Person Shadowing

Looking for virtual or in-person shadowing hours with a Pelvic Health PT  to diversify your PT School shadowing hours or to explore a new field?

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Is Pelvic Health PT The Right Path For Me?

If you are considering a career in Pelvic Health, download this booklet to access the 5 questions you NEED to ask yourself! 

Yoga & The Pelvic Floor

Are you a yogi, or work with yogis, and want to know how the pelvic floor is intimately involved in a yoga practice? This book is what you are looking for!

5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Learn More About Pelvic Health PT!

Want to learn more about Pelvic Health without paying for a pricey weekend course? This is the booklet for you! 

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